Getting rid of rats with peppermint oil

Rats are annoying for most of us, but do you know they carry various diseases? The most diseases transmitted by rats such as Salmonellosis that they shift through biting the food. Due to their disease-transmitting habits, people do not want to see them in their homes. Rats chew the wires and set them at the risk of fire, and they can destroy your furniture. They used everything to make their nest comfortable like cloth, paper, and wires. 

Many people do not want to use market products because of their toxicities. They can use home remedies or products that are natural and do not contain any toxicities like the use of peppermint oil. 

Use of peppermint oil to get rid of rats

You may find people saying that peppermint is useless; the reason is they want to get immediate results, and most of the people use peppermint leaf instead of oil that is not enough to repel the rats. 

Here we will tell you what to buy and how to use the peppermint oil to get rid of rats. 

Buy the original peppermint oil 

Before purchasing peppermint oil, make sure you are purchasing the right product because the odor of peppermint oil is used to repel the rats. You can also mention to them you are buying to repel the rats. You can easily find it at your nearest local store. 

Use enough peppermint oil to repel the rats 

Using only a few drops is not enough; you have to use it in maximum quantity to get quick and more effective results. Take cotton balls and dip them into the peppermint oil. Now place these balls near to the nest of rat, or you can also place these balls near to the dropping area. 

For your ease, you can use five drops of peppermint oil on one cotton ball. 

Select the right location 

This is one of the important tasks of the entire mission. Choose the right places to keep the peppermint oil balls. 

  • Place the balls near to their entry points
  • Choose places where you have often seen them 
  • Place the balls near to their shelter or living place (attic/basement etc.)
  • Place the balls near to the fresh dropping
  • Use the balls in the area where you do not want to see them, like the kitchen

When to refresh the balls

Although the odor of peppermint oil remains for a long time and works very well, we would recommend you replace the balls after one month. Check out the fresh dropping and place near to those places. If there is no fresh dropping, that means they are gone but replaces the balls because there are chances they may come back when the odor is gone. 

This peppermint is more effective in keeping the rats away from your home; although it helps to repel the rats in some cases, it did not work so well with the rats that are already living in the home. In that case, you can mix the peppermint oil into the water and spray on their nest, walls, and on all the entry points. This way will help you to get rid of stubborn rats. 

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